Entertaining Platt: Star Wars: The Old Republic

January 26, 2012 § 2 Comments

It's growing on me...

I’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since launch. My 30 days of free play time have come and gone. And I shall continue with my subscription.

Sure, in many ways, SWTOR is World of Warcraft with a Star Wars skin. But, for someone like me who has been a Star Wars fan far longer than I’ve enjoyed Warcraft, that’s not a bad thing. In truth, SWTOR seems more to me like Star Wars Galaxies (rest in peace) with a WoW skin.

I’ve played a smuggler named Stamper on the Lord Adraas server up to Level 22. Here’s how it all breaks down for me so far:

* I love the class storyline concept and execution. I enjoy that I’m becoming immersed in an adventure that matches the kind of character that I want to play, and I really like the fact that it carries me from world to world. Getting my ship wasn’t a simple matter of stopping by a vendor when I hit Level 20 – I had to experience a series of adventures that led me to the goal.
* I really enjoy the sidekick idea. On WoW, I was partial to hunters for a long time because I liked having a pet to help deal damage and distract bad guys from hitting me. But in SWTOR it’s even better, because the sidekicks have their own stories and they evolve too. It also makes adventuring around the galaxy a lot less of a hassle, so I don’t have to bug other players for help until I get to group content. By the same token, it also makes fights feel more epic because the two of us tackle four or five bad guys at a time.
* I’m partial to the writing. The dialogue’s really good overall for the characters I’ve met, but I also enjoy hearing what my smuggler has to say in different situations. As often as possible, I go for the smartass route.
* I could do without most of the cut scenes. I’d prefer that those be reserved for the big-ticket missions or the class storyline missions. If you’re just sending me out to kill 20 Gundarks, you can do that without two minutes of conversation options. Still, I admire the effort that went into doing that much quality control work – writing, voicing, implementing, and testing it all must have been a major undertaking.
* Space combat’s slowly growing on me. At first, I kind of hated the on-rails style of the space battles in SWTOR. Really, each of these missions are similar to the Burning Crusades “fly around and bomb things within X time” missions. But the more I play them, the more I get into them. I’d prefer something more free-form, but right now it’s better than no space flight at all.
* The community’s pretty great. So far, I haven’t run into anything quite like WoW’s old-school Barrens chat. We’ve got the RP channel for dedicated roleplayers. And I’ve lucked into the best Star Wars guild ever: <Has A Bad Feeling About This>.

So, I’m having a great time and I plan to stick around. Drop me a line if you’re in-game!




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§ 2 Responses to Entertaining Platt: Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • James Gosling says:


    I’ve been thinking of getting the game myself, but I am on the fence. Basically, what it boils down to is, is the game like KOTOR 1&2, or is it more like Star Wars Galaxies, WoW et al?

    I ask as I was a massive fan of KOTOR, huge in fact, but MMORPG’s have never appealed to me, I played Galaxies and I didn’t enjoy it, nor did I enjoy the other games I tried, City of Heroes or Guild Wars.


    • Wes Platt says:

      Great question. It has some WoW-ish elements, like the PvP combat objectives and group dungeons. But even the dungeons play like a multiplayer version of KOTOR, with decision points that introduce dialogue options.

      I think that if you enjoyed KOTOR 1 & 2 and the Mass Effect series, you’ll really get a kick out of SWTOR.

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