Entertaining Platt: The Walking Dead – Nebraska

February 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

Of all the gin joints in all the towns, in all the world, he had to shamble into mine...

I like my pal Josh’s theories about the politics of the apocalypse going on in The Walking Dead significantly more than I liked this episode.

I’ve missed the show in its absence since the fall, and I’m glad it picked up where we left off, but…so much dumb. So much unbelievable. And the best part of this episode, “Nebraska,” involves a couple of short-lived newcomers who are actually interesting until they turn fatally hostile.

Don’t read any further than
this point
right here
if you don’t want to be spoiled.

There. You’ve been warned. So, I’ll talk first about what I liked:

* The tense back and forth between Rick and the new guys (including True Blood‘s serial-killing Cajun, so I just knew he was bad news) in the town bar. While Rick did his best not to give away any information about who was back home(?) at the farm, he gathered a little bit of intel via exposition about the fate of Ft. Benning and rumors about Nebraska – the promised land of fly-over states. This scene actually reminded me of some MUSH players I’ve known on OtherSpace, with Rick as the veteran player who has staked out a chunk of local turf now faced with the threat of some newbie who wants to come in and shake up the familiar social order. Can’t have that, right? It ended pretty much the way I expected, which is too bad, because I think the survivors would benefit from new blood. But I agree with Josh’s point that this was to help drive home the tragic fact that Walkers aren’t the only enemies in their world.

Okay. That covers what I liked. Let’s hit the highlights of hate:

* Maggie telling Glenn she loved him. Not buying it. Even Glenn doesn’t buy it. Yet Rick, the one true Dr. Love, is insisting that he just roll with it. Whatever, Quick-Draw Pinsky!
* Rick figuring out without any real information that Herschel might be out getting his drink on.
* Lori deciding that with three people off in who knows what kind of trouble that she’s the best equipped to go chasing after Rick even though she couldn’t know for sure that Rick would even find Herschel at the bar, let alone stick around long enough for her to come running. I’m half hoping she’s someone’s lunch.


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§ One Response to Entertaining Platt: The Walking Dead – Nebraska

  • sentinel75 says:

    Right on Wes! I was really scratching my head at Lori’s “lets throw more guys to the wolves” or BETTER YET I’LL GO! Daryl should have stabbed her in the face with his half finished crossbow bolt.

    I have no clue what thought process or vaguely contingent thinking would have come to her conclusion that Rick needed MORE help…

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