Entertaining Platt: The Walking Dead – “Triggerfinger”

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I know this probably makes me an awful person:

As the roadside zombies tried to chomp on Lori, I kept rooting for the hungering shamblers. And every time she managed to improvise a defense against them, I hissed in disdain. Her foolishness earned her a place on the undead dinner menu!

But welcome to the world of The Walking Dead, where a useful (if sometimes off-target) person like Otis is offed, while a waste of potential like Lori lives to whine another day.
On the upside, the episode introduces someone new to the gang – Randall, played by Michael Zegan. So, tell me, does this actor have something on his resume that specifies a love of roles in which he’s crippled? He spent the last couple of seasons of Rescue Me vegetating in a wheelchair. Now, he’s a survivor with a mangled leg after he falls off a roof and spikes himself on a fence.
Things I liked in this episode:
* The tension-packed scenes with Glenn, Rick, and Hershel facing off against the other group of survivors who came hunting for their now-dead friends.
* Hershel’s finally coming around and apparently ready to sacrifice absolutely anyone in the face of practicality.
* Confrontation between Carol and Daryl. Great scene.
* The growing division between Team Rick and Team Shane.
* Glenn. Clearly, he’s the guy most of the audience is supposed to identify with, as he freezes up under fire behind the tavern. I’m hoping his despair about this is a setup for a kickass redemption down the road. Maybe he gets to shoot Shane someday?

Things I didn’t like:

* Lori survived. Boooooo.
* No one shot Shane. But at least he pretty much confessed to killing Otis, and Lori passed the info along to Rick as she went all Lady Macbeth on him, pouring poison in his ear about dealing with the dangerous animal known as Shane. So maybe it’s more of a wash that she survived, hmm?


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