Entertaining Peery: The Walking Dead “Triggerfinger” & Zombus Ex Machina

February 21, 2012 § 3 Comments

Spilling Human Blood

Continuing on from last week, The Walking Dead episode Triggerfinger” builds up the stakes of the “Politics of the Apocalypse” (POTA.) Shane continues his pragmatic actions, saving Lori, yet lying to her about Rick’s whereabouts in order to get her to agree to go back to safety. Meanwhile, Rick saves one of the “bandits” from being Walker food, despite said bandit shooting at him seconds earlier.

It seems the group is starting to take sides in POTA as well, with Andrea backing Shane, and Lori settling into a literal and figurative marriage of convenience with Rick, believing she is in danger due to Shane’s desire for her and her unborn child. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the group breaks down in to these new “tribes” or political parties.

Dale and Hershel are pretty much anti-Shane, but Glenn and Maggie (the budding romantics) T-Dog, Daryl, and Carol and the rest of Hershel’s people are swing voters as it were.

Also, I would like to coin a new term: “Zombus Ex Machina”

Whenever the writers/directors of the show need to rachet up tension or end a set piece they bring in the Walkers, though the show’s energy is now largely focused on the personal interactions and POTA.

Also, how weird is it that Zombies are such a well known pop-culture artifact, yet no one in The Walking Dead world refers to them as such?

By Josh Peery


§ 3 Responses to Entertaining Peery: The Walking Dead “Triggerfinger” & Zombus Ex Machina

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