Entertaining Platt: The Walking Dead – “18 Miles Out”

March 2, 2012 § Leave a comment


Maybe now's not the best time...

Two good things I can say about the most recent episode of The Walking Dead:

* It was great to finally have a knock-down, drag-out showdown between Rick and Shane.
* It was great to finally have a frank, honest, and relatively rational discussion between Lori and Andrea.

But Rick and Shane’s fight comes at a horrible time that leaves me wondering whether either of these guys could ever possibly be fit to serve as responsible leaders of an Internet forum discussion, let alone a ragtag band of post-apocalyptic survivors.

Setting off guns, making all kinds of racket, totally losing sight of the fact that they had people counting on them back on the creepy homestead, they wind up swarmed by walkers in what had seemed to be a relatively safe and secure compound.

Well, except for the two zombie cops who didn’t seem to have any bite marks. What’s up with that? And a crowd of zombies that had apparently been in the warehouse watching Pineapple Express, blissing out through the shouting and the shooting until just when Rick happened by their window.

Back home, we had Andrea and Lori debating the wisdom of personal choice and suicidal ethics after the apocalypse. It was a good discussion, and Beth slammed home some blows of her own against would-be Queen Lori.

Not a bad episode, all in all, for the folks back at the homestead. However, I thought the main plot with Shane and Rick felt silly and contrived – especially since the previews appear to suggest that Shane just goes back to his usual crazy ways and forgets about the fact that Rick kicked his butt and then saved him from becoming a school bus zombie buffet.

We’ll see!


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