Entertaining Peery: The Walking Dead “18 Miles Out” & “Judge, Jury, Executioner” & It Takes a Zombie Village

March 5, 2012 § 6 Comments

This will be a double episode review of The Walking Dead! “18 Miles Out” and “Judge, Jury, Executioner” both continued to explore what I have termed the “Politics of the Apocalypse” and the “Judge” episode also exhibited something like a Post-“It Takes a Village” approach to bringing up children in this new world.

The group must deal with Randall, the captured marauder, who cannot be let free since he revealed he is familiar with Hershel’s family and farm location when Rick was trying to free him. Later, Dale exquisitely speaks to the issues I have pointed out in previous articles dealing on the problem of executing Randall as being a clash between the old world’s civility and the new world’s harsh pragmatism.

He manages to sway Andrea back into the path of civility, but the group still favors execution to protect the group. Rick cannot make good this sentence in large part to Carl appearing at the execution and showing the same new world pragmatism that Rick struggles with.

Which brings us Carl’s (mis)adventures and how the old mores of child wrangling need to be polished in order for society (the group) to survive. Carl speaks to Randall and is chastised by Shane, yet Carl found out, indeed, that Randall is trying to escape and return to his war band, but Carl never tells anyone this for fear of punishment. Next, Carl is chastised by Carol and Rick for his ill-manners regarding his opinion on Heaven. So while he is walking around sulking about how the adults have been dealing with him he visits Daryl’s camp and discovers Daryl’s 9mm, takes it, and goes for a walk in the woods.

Carl then stumbles onto a Walker that has become stuck in the mud, like the ones Hershel used to wrangle into the barn. Carl takes out his frustrations on the Walker, inadvertently freeing it and losing Daryl’s gun in the bargain. Carl returns to the farm and is shooed from the room as the adults debate Randall.

Everything Carl has experienced during the day is not known because of his fear of punishment because the old world ways of child rearing are still being used. Unfortunately, everything comes to a bad end, especially for Dale. How much would have changed if Carl had not been treated as a child, but as member, yoked to his ability:

  • The decision on Randall would have been swift if Carl presented his information.
  • The Walker that killed Dale would have been watched far, if not hunted down, unable to eat Dale
  • Daryl’s gun would not be lost. (I have a feeling that this could be bad in the long run. Daryl doesn’t know it is missing and still thinks he can rely on having it.)

Just like the group’s politics are evolving, so must how they treat Carl and Beth. (Sorry, Sophia.) Lives depend on it. Carl isn’t off the hook either, he should realize nothing more than a stern talking-to is going to come of any of his mistakes. Afterall, they can’t take away his Xbox anymore…

By Josh Peery


§ 6 Responses to Entertaining Peery: The Walking Dead “18 Miles Out” & “Judge, Jury, Executioner” & It Takes a Zombie Village

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