Entertaining Platt: FOX cancels Terra Nova

March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Terra Nova misses the mark...

I can’t say I disagree with FOX’s call on this one: Steven Spielberg’s epic time-travel/dinosaur extravaganza Terra Nova won’t see a second season – at least not on that network.

So begins the traditional fan-driven effort to keep the show alive on another network, which almost never works. Mark my words: It won’t work here, either, unless Terra Nova gets some serious production cost cutbacks, probably to the point that the writers used to work on the Lawrence Welk Show, the time travel portal is actually a spinning rainbow-colored umbrella, and the dinosaurs are really plastic action figures from Serenity‘s navigation console.

It wasn’t the expense that turned me off about Terra Nova, though: It was how the show got pitched as a time-travel/dinosaur extravaganza but almost never had dinosaurs and almost immediately turned into a sappy family drama with occasional bouts of LOST-like tribal intrigues.

About the best fans can hope for is to see that first-season cliffhanger resolved via a movie, as happened with Serenity after Firefly. Maybe they’ll skewer that lead scientist guy with a palm tree after he says something pithy.


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