Entertaining Platt: The Walking Dead – “Better Angels”

March 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

"Subtle as Shane" needs to become a thing.

Well, I’m of two minds on this episode.

The ending? Awesome. The strange bad news posed by the unbitten, un-headshotted dead reanimating as Walkers? Pretty damned cool. In fact, downright chilling.

But so much leading up to it just fell prey to the usual “what the hell are you people thinking?” issues. I’m spending far too much time yelling at the TV during these episodes lately.

When Rick finds out Carl not only stole Daryl’s gun, but also taunted the zombie loose that ended up killing Dale, his answer is to both absolve Carl of responsibility AND, oh, by the way, IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE. HERE. TAKE THIS GUN YOU STOLE. NO WAY DARYL’S GONNA NEED IT, RIGHT? GIANT KID-EX-MACHINA WINK-WINK? Then we have Lori playing Schizo Lady Macbeth, coaxing Shane down off an anvilicious windmill so that he can be tempted to resume his quixotic efforts to win her back at any cost. Naturally, this leads him to concoct another patented dumbass crazy scheme, but this time it’s to arrange for Rick’s death in the wilderness while they’re hunting for Randall.

The best scene prior to Shane and Rick on their moonlight stroll of doom was with Glenn and Andrea talking about dear departed googly-eyed Dale at his old Winnebago.

Well, second best. The BEST scene was before the opening credits, when Andrea was poking pitchforks through zombie chins.

The show’s not quite redeemed yet, but I can’t complain that this episode was dull by any stretch of the imagination. Looking forward to the finale!


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