Entertaining Platt: Mass Effect 3

March 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Mechanically speaking, Mass Effect 3 is a great culmination of the popular video game series.

Dr. Eva, the one-hit wonder!

I’ve got relatively few complaints on that front, really, except that the combat can get repetitive and a little silly.

For example, I have to empty full clips into Cerberus dudes with shields to bring them down, but after it’s revealed that Dr. Eva is basically a Terminator and she crushes a buddy’s skull, I can take her down in just a couple of shots.

But that’s just a little nitpick. It’s not my main gripe with the game.

Narratively, I think the game suffers from some major issues. Specifically, there’s not even a bittersweet ending, let alone a happy one. It’s a bold choice for Bioware to make from a storytelling standpoint, but it’s not the choice I would’ve made for the series finale.

It would work great, however, as a middle chapter in a trilogy and could sit alongside other favorites of mine, such as The Empire Strikes Back and The Two Towers, where the bad guys have our heroes on the ropes.

I admire the gumption behind the choice, whether I agree with it or not. Unfortunately, I think the designers’ choice here robs players of opportunities to find a more fulfilling end for Commander Shepard. After dedicating so much time, energy, enthusiasm, and cash to this franchise, I think players deserve a better ending.

There’s a push now for Bioware to add a new ending, probably as additional downloadable content.

That’s crazy talk. Forget that.

Start planning Mass Effect 4 instead.


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§ 2 Responses to Entertaining Platt: Mass Effect 3

  • Litar says:

    Game for the ME4 idea. Not so game for the alternate ending – it would cheapen the whole thing to an unpalatable degree.

  • Darastryx says:

    I don’t know. I doubt there will be a ME4 and the idea of it would be bordering on ‘jumping the shark’ or ‘beat a dead horse’ territory.

    I’m still not really sure what to think about it right now. I think I’d prefer a DLC add-on than another game.

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