Entertaining Platt: Angry Birds Space

March 24, 2012 § Leave a comment


Birds. Space. Angry. Awesome. Is. Really.

Excuse me. Right now, my brain is kind of bent. I’ve been playing Angry Birds Space on my iPhone for the past few days.

I’ve been addicted to the original Angry Birds game off and on for about three years. This souped-up sci-fi version brings a fresh take to the tweeting trebuchet phenomenon. The narrative remains the same: Your tribe of birds is furious at that tribe of green pigs that took off with your eggs. Only this time, they’ve sought refuge amongst the stars in their silly houses of wood, block, and glass.

The twist: We’re now dealing with space physics and gravitational wells around planetary bodies. Targeting becomes critical. Aim wrong and your bird may go zooming off into oblivion through vacuum, or get snared by the pull of a nearby moon. Play it right, though, and maybe you’ll slingshot around and hit those pigs right where it counts!

It gets really brain-bendy when you’ve got multiple moons with differing gravitational arrangements, but that really just adds to the fun (unless that’s the sort of thing which is liable to give you migraines, in which case, not fun at all)!

Something else that’s nifty: Discoverable content. Hit an eggsteroid and your birds get hauled off through a space-time rift (wait, what?! OtherSpace players may ask) to face a sort of challenge level. The first one I encountered actually made me laugh aloud: An homage to the old Space Invaders video game.

Another nice touch: You can earn space eagles – those cheaty birds that help you on the tougher levels – by beating the content rather than just throwing money at Rovio.

However, I was mildly irritated that after beating the first two areas of content, I encountered a third section that could only be accessed by paying more money. In fact, unlocking that content cost as much as buying the game to begin with on the iTunes store.


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