Entertaining Peery: AMC’s The Killing, season one

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

AMC’s series The Killing begins season two on April 1, but it’s no joke. This show is seriously well done and season one is masterful. As the title implies the show is centered around the murder of a Seattle seventeen year old. However, this is not just a crime drama or regular cop show. Instead the show explores the different levels and facets of society the murder touches.

Yes, there is the police investigation which has landed on Detective Sarah Linden on her last day on the force, otherwise she was ready to move to California and get re-married and start a new life with her troubled son. She is supposed to break in her replacement, the sketchy, wise-cracking, ex-undercover narc, Stephen Holder. Odd-couple, buddy cop show this isn’t, though.

The show also explores the family of the murdered teen and the torture of losing the daughter/ sister/ niece, Rosie. The layers peel away and Stan, Mitch, Terry and the boys all go through the struggle in their own way. The stresses of running a business, household, old wounds, and the urge for vigilantism pile up on top of the tragedy.

The last layer depicted is the Seattle mayoral race being fought out between the corrupt incumbent and the seemingly spotless city councilman, whose image just took a hit due to the fact Rosie’s body was found in the trunk of one his campaign cars and his relationship with the primary suspect.

The Killing is equal parts family drama, cop show, and political thriller which recalls the short-lived Fox series The Chicago Code. Where that show focused on “crime of the week” with the political story over arching, The Killing narrows the scope to the single crime and paces the show to one day of action to one episode.

The production value of the show is high, especially expert in the capturing of the grey, rainy drear of Seattle that turns the city into a soggy annex of hell. This is not the shiny, hipster, Starbucks and Microsoft city that is usually depicted.

AMC continues to produce great shows and I recommend checking this one out. Heck, along with Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Hell on Wheels, you may not need to change the channel much.


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