Entertaining Platt: The Adventures of Tintin (Movie – 2011)

April 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

"I'm sure the plot's in here somewhere, Snowy!"

So, imagine Wallace and Grommit, but with not enough funny and too much uncanny valley.

That, in a nutshell, is the creepy gift we got from Steven Spielberg in The Adventures of Tintin. This movie tells the unlikely story of a teen journalist (who doesn’t seem to have any real affinity for cheese) and his much smarter dog (who can’t pour coffee) as they explore the mystery behind a model boat with a macguffin hidden inside.

There’s a villain whose visage reminds me for all the world of a young Spielberg and it kept distracting me in contrast with the brief moment in the beginning of the movie where we see the original comic artist rendering Tintin as all those who have read the comic would recognize him. All I could think was: Why bother with this? Why go to the trouble of making a computer-generated movie with overly realistic fake people in it? Either tell it in a more traditional animated format or make it live action with help from practical and CGI effects (like Hugo).

But it all felt very pointless to me. Mostly, it seemed to ramble from one opportunity for Tintin to chase something that’s bouncing around above his head to another – the cinematic equivalent of a Rube Goldberg device for my eyeballs.


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