Entertaining Platt: “American Reunion” (2012)

April 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

"Our scenes are great. The rest are about as much fun as sitting on this."

If this had been a movie just about Jim, Jim’s Dad, and dealing with the loss of Jim’s mother…sort of like a new Big Chill…it would have been so much better.

Every scene involving these two, or with just Eugene Levy and some other member of the cast, was great. The rest of the movie was mostly (sadly) forgettable.

It’s all about how:

1) People change (or don’t) after high school.
2) People stop having sex after having a baby.
3) People sometimes need to take a dump in a cooler on the beach.

For No. 3, I guess that’s just a sign of Bridesmaids getting an homage, hmm?

Mostly, it felt lazy. I watched this movie and all I could think about was how much better American Pie was, and how sad it was that this was the best the team could come up with more than a decade later. Everybody had to have a story arc, apparently, and that meant nobody had a really GOOD story arc.

So we’re treated to a couple of hours of juvenile crap jokes, teen ogling, disagreements, and reconciliations. And a Neil Patrick Harris cameo, which also didn’t save that terrible Harold & Kumar Christmas movie.


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§ 2 Responses to Entertaining Platt: “American Reunion” (2012)

  • My biggest question on first seeing the trailer is: “who is the target audience”? The first one was a screwball teen comedy. Now that these people are a decade older, is the target audience supposed to be those same teenagers a decade older? If so, did the comedy mature or reflect an older audience? From your review, I’d guess not.

    • Wes Platt says:

      It’s weird. The baby plot and everything with Jim’s dad seems to be geared toward the original audience. The rest is just a hodgepodge. Scattershot demographics. Makes little sense, ends up appealing to none by trying to appeal to all.

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