Entertaining Platt: Game of Thrones Season 2 – “Garden of Bones”

April 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

For her next trick, maybe a second set of jaws like an Alien?

The Red Witch is spewing LOST’s smoke monster from her crotch! Who knows what else she’s got rattling around in there. Ben? John Locke? God help her, Hurley?

I shared Davos Seaworth’s WTF?! look as Melisandre stripped down, showed off her pregnant belly, and then got to birthing a shadow baby.

At first, I was stunned. Then I thought how silly it looked. And then it creeped me out. And then I realized that this is what the producers spent all the money on in this episode, since all they managed to show of Robb Stark’s great victory against the Lannisters was a wolf’s face and a field strewn with dead and wounded.

I mostly enjoyed the Harrenhall sequence for the sheer evil of making rats dig their way into someone’s chest to escape fire, but then I had to wonder: How the hell would this new bunch of prisoners from elsewhere know anything about the Brotherhood in some nearby village? What’s the point of torturing them?

Back at King’s Landing, Joffrey continues to impress as king, doesn’t he? First having a man spank Sansa with a sword, then forcing a hooker to beat her companion with a big stick. Who else is looking forward to this kid’s head showing up on a pike soon?

Glad we got back out to the Red Wastes so we could catch up with Dany and her “horde” of weakened Dothraki stumbling upon the majestic matte painting of Qarth. However, it struck me as odd that she argued with the Thirteen at first that if left outside the walls, she and her people would die. But then, after being turned away because she wouldn’t force the CGI department to produce three dragons, she argued that if left outside the walls, she would apparently live long enough to raise her dragons and burn Qarth to cinders.

All in all, not my favorite episode this season, although it had some good moments.


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