Entertaining Platt: Game of Thrones Season 2 – “A Man Without Honor”

May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Ruh-roh, Dany.”

A very talky episode, punctuated by much stabbing, throat-slicing, and corpse-crisping.

Had a few candidates for best scene of the night:

* Jaime and his long lost cousin in the circus cage, sharing squire stories long enough for Jaime to draw the younger fellow close for a brutal killing so that he can draw in a Stark camp guard, kill him, and make a run for it.
* Tyrion and Cersei, as she shares her parental regrets about Joffrey and, oh yeah, how incest might not have been the best idea ever.
* Cersei and Sansa, as Cersei celebrates mother’s day by urging the newly menstrual Stark girl not to love anybody but her kids.
* Tywin and Arya, going over the dark history of Harrenhal and continuing their cat-and-mouse game as the Lannister patriarch continues trying to figure out just who she really is.

I don’t really count the ongoing conversation between Jon Snow and Ygritte. It wasn’t bad, and it gave everyone the trademark line “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” but it took all episode to unspool to the point where Jon gets captured by the Wildlings. Meanwhile, we’ve got war waging, a prison escape and recapture, a hunt for a couple of missing Winterfell kids, and a Mystery Van-worthy hunt for missing dragons by Dany and the rest of the Scoobies in Qarth.

It turns out, Old Man Jenkins had them all along! And Old Man Jenkins can split into a bunch of Old Men Jenkinses! And all of them do an efficient job of slicing throats and making Dany and her pals look suitably stunned until they make a run for it.

And back in Winterfell, Theon Greyjoy continues to demonstrate his knack for leadership by hoisting up the corpses of a couple of dead kids that he claims are Bran and Rickon Stark, but we all know those are really just a couple of unfortunate souls from the farm that the Stark boys wandered past without stopping for food precisely because they didn’t want to bring harm on the inhabitants.

Guess they should’ve picked up a chicken or two after all?

My choice for scene of the night: Tywin and Arya. However, it comes with a caveat. I’m not sure they can do many more of these without starting to look silly.


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