Entertaining Peery: The Killing “Sayonara, Hiawatha” s2e9

May 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Who’s da Man? Holder’s da Man!

Some shows have story arcs. Arcs build to a highpoint and then recede. In season two of AMC’s The Killing there is what I would call a story trench. The story seems to be plunging to a low point from which, hopefully, the characters and story can return to better days.”Sayonara, Hiawatha” continues to dig that hole for the protagonists as nefarious forces act from the shadows and anyone remotely trying to do the right thing are smacked down, hardcore.

Last week,  Detective Holder was beaten within an inch of his life by an Indian “chief’s” casino security and police. Linden gets stripped of her badge and gun as a result, as well. Like a re-envisioning of Cowboys and Indians, The Killing makes use of a dynamic where the Indian Reservation, in place of the Wild West, is a lawless, dangerous place where even the White Hats are risking their lives.

This week Linden rolls the dice at the casino, clandestinely attempting to find out what Rosie was doing on the forbidden 10th floor of the Indian casino and possibly learning what got her killed. As you can imagine, this does not end well for Linden. The trench just gets deeper for the police. Again.

Meanwhile, on the homestead, Stan Larsen is still badly coping with the fallout of Mitch leaving and his throwing Terry out. To further dig his hole, the oldest Larsen boy is suspended from school for killing baby birds which makes his teachers think he is a budding serial murderer. Yeah.

On the mayoral trail, Richmond confronts the Indian chief where he forfeits a politically expedient alliance in his attempt to get Seattle Police access to the casino. His campaign is going down in flames. Gwen attempts to leverage the sitting mayor with dirt which she finds will have no bearing or weight with the person closest to her, amounting to a massive betrayal in her life. C’mon!

The only bright spot is that Holder shows massive brass ones, walking back into the casino to create a diversion for Linden. This is capped by him flicking a lit cigarette at the thugs that beat him down and delivering the show’s title: “Sayonara, Hiawatha.”

With only a few more episodes left this season I am riveted, wondering how the “good guys” will pull it off. Or, even if they can.

by Josh Peery


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