Entertaining Peery: House, M.D. Series Review 2004-2012

May 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

House M.D. wrapped up the series of eight seasons Monday night. The episode itself was perfunctory in its familiar formula with little attention paid to the “case of the week” which I believe was nearly the same as the episode “Two Stories” except substitute pea with tree stick. Even the “in trouble with the Law” sub-plot and chats with illusions has been done before in the series. The last few minutes were the best part of the show, frankly.

That said, this review is about the series as a WHOLE. This series is the ONLY series I have watched from pilot to finale. It is the ONLY medical centered show I have EVER watched regularly (M*A*S*H* doesn’t count).

What was different about this show for me? EVERYTHING. From the anti-hero main character with more snark than anyone, to the special F/X depiction of the medical issues inside and outside the bodies, to the great supporting cast that was solidly acted.

I will miss House, Wilson, Foreman, Chase, Cameron, Taub, 13, Park, and Cuddy. The finale made me miss Kutner (excellent casting of Kal Penn) Amber (aka Cold-Hearted-Bitch) and the smouldering Stacey (BIG Sela Ward fan.)

When, I predict, the Blu-Ray 8 season collection is released, I WILL buy this. I will cycle through the seasons on the days where nothing good is on TV. That would be most days, I fear.

What I really would dig, but doubt will happen, is a 20 episode “road” series of House and Wilson living out that 5 months left on Wilson’s clock. Something like a Route 66 meets The Fugitive with a dash of The Incredible Hulk. (House’s skills and demeanor are incredible and unpredictable, like the Hulk <wink, wink>) They can move from place to place, ahead of the Law, solve medical mysteries, or get into other hi-jinks based on their personalities. I would watch that.


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