Entertaining Peery: AMC’s The Killing. Season(Series?) Two Finale.

June 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

AMC’s The Killing wrapped up its second season and the Rosie Larsen murder case. There is some question as to whether there will be another case, but as how things wrapped up in the show and in the actors’ careers, which are on the up-tick, it remains to be seen. The finale has left that point open ended.

This season was mostly an exercise in pain as the lead characters continually were smacked around (sometimes literally) and tortured in their pursuit of Rosie Larsen’s murderer(s). Ominous and powerful forces arrayed to try and keep Linden and Holder from finally fingering the cabal behind the murder. The crime was solved, but only one arrest stuck with those just as culpable going free (and ultimately rewarded) or otherwise eluding arrest by other means. The only positive, if it can be called that, is that the Larsen’s get some measure of closure via a final message from Rosie, but she is still dead, so it is what it is.

While it is hotly being debated as whether or not that the case (or the show) ended well, I think it was extremely brave to end on a realistically Pyrrhic victory. Those who are guilty yet have power DO get away with things that the plebeian masses cannot. The sacrifices made by Linden and Holder ring hollow in the outcome. Despite knowing who killed Rosie, no real “bad guy” was actually going to get punished, even though the actual “doer” was arrested and will go to jail.

The finale ends with Linden getting out and walking away from Holder’s car when they are supposed to respond to a new murder. This tells me at least Linden, most likely, will not be in The Killing, season 3. That is, IF there is one, since the actor portraying Holder, Joel Kinnaman, is a rising star and is cast to be the titular character in the Robocop reboot. Overall, the final season was an inverted roller coaster, plunging the characters through hell, only to break even with the real world. However, the gritty realism and less than perfect protagonists, expertly acted, made the journey and final twist worthwhile.


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