Entertaining Peery: The Killing, Season 3 Premier

June 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

The_Killing_S3Detectives Linden and Holder are back in AMC’s (delayed) third season of The Killing.

A year has past since Holder and Linden have spoken. It is unclear from the first episode if that was from when Linden walks away from Holder in the season two finale or not. Linden now is working minimum wage at a ferry, while Holder has exchanged his hoodie for a suit, tie and a new partner, Reddick, played by the ever excellent Gregg Henry.

Holder and Reddick catch a body of a young street hustler/prostitute in a locale very similar to Linden’s going away “body” (blow-up doll) in the first season. Reddick fearing their arrest record will be tarnished on a Jane Doe with no leads tries, successfully, to pawn the case off on another detective.

However, Holder is bothered by the similarity of the MO of this killing to a case that Linden closed prior to his working with her. (Ala the creepy child’s drawing used to represent Linden’s insecurities/sanity in the first two seasons.) Holden visits Linden, kids her about the youth of her boyfriend, and leaves the case file.

Despite Linden’s obvious aversion to the previous case she tries to forget and leaves the file where it lays. Meanwhile, Holder trolls the Jungle of Seattle, depicting it in such a way that I will still call “a rain drenched circle of hell.” The show’s creators have done the city no favors or pulled any punches.

Viewers learn more about the street youths glimpsed in the very beginning of the show, surprisingly (at least for me) that, Bullet, is in fact a very butch teen girl. Bullet is a really fresh, compelling, character for this genre and a oozes gritty realism that is a fact for many girls like her. Newcomer Bex Taylor-Klause hits it out of the park with this role.

In addition to the new case, the man convicted in Linden’s traumatic case, Seward, is introduced on his transfer to Death Row. He has mailed requests to both Linden and her former partner Skinner (played by Elias Koteas) that they attend his execution. Linden visits Skinner about the new case, if they got the wrong guy, and the request. After the visit, in a ominously dramatic moment, Skinner’s wife tells Linden she never wants to see her again.

The two-hour premier was jam packed with setup for a what seems like a terrific season.

Bullet’s friend goes missing and viewers are given the impression that the same killer has taken her. Linden tries to shake off the case, trying to clear her mind with a long jog, but she happens upon a bizarre scene of cattle skeletons and a lone suffering bovine. Returning home Linden is confronted by her boyfriend when he finds the crime scene photos. She doesn’t reply, simply gathering her gun and returns to the cow in order to put it out of its misery.

The episode wraps up in such a way that perhaps the show should be renamed “The Killings.” Linden, while visiting the adoptive home of the Seward’s son, obtains a new version of the creepy drawing. This rendition has some new features missing from the original. With recognizable landmarks in the back drop, Linden locates the area depicted, along with something dreadful, foreshadowed by what Linden discovered earlier on her jog.

If you missed the first two seasons, it should not preclude a fan of crime dramas from jumping in on season three. I am so glad AMC decided to bring Holder and Linden back.


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