What’s this all about?

Didn’t you see the title? It’s all about entertaining Platt and Peery!

And who the hell are they?

Well, they’re a couple of guys who worked in the real world before delving into the video game design industry as part of the team working on the Fallen Earth MMORPG. Wes Platt used to get high off ink fumes wafting from the pages of the St. Petersburg Times, while Josh Peery huffed paint chips at Sherwin-Williams.

Now they’ve got a lot of extra time on their hands and they need entertainment so that they can avoid doing any chores around the house. Even better, they need a place to blather about it, because as much as these two enjoy reading books, watching movies and TV shows, playing games, listening to music, and pondering today’s media is rambling on about them even more.

Lucky you!


Since founding this blog as a unemployment exercise, Platt and Peery are both gainfully employed again! Mr. Platt has returned to his first love of journalism, while Mr. Peery has went west to join Carbine Studios working on the upcoming MMO Wildstar. Opinions displayed here should in no way be construed as the opinions of Paxton Media Group or Carbine Studios.


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  • sentinel75 says:

    Josh Peery BIO Fun Facts!

    ~First computer was a Data General One laptop…in 1986.

    ~Owns over 900 films on DVD and Blu-Ray discs

    ~Collects every Warhammer Fantasy Army…if you know anything about Warhammer you know that is kinda crazy.

    ~Finished both my BA and MA in English and Film while working full-time during the day…

    ~Got into the video game industry on a lark…

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